Currently… A Stream of Consciousness Post

Hi There, Catie Here!

Can we talk about how much snow we’ve gotten over the past week or so? It’s March, Mother Nature needs to calm down already. I knew Sunday that we were going to get some snow overnight but I think we were all surprised to wake up to over a foot of snow!

wtf is this crap doing here

Luckily (or not, depending) Paul had agreed to cover the night shift the week before so he was home to clear the driveway.  Which is good because I really am afraid of the snow blower. Mostly because I’m pretty sure something like this will happen:


It wouldn’t be fun. But know what is fun? Buying new appliances!! I was left alone for all of 3 hours this past Saturday so guess what I did? What any normal person that likes to cook does when they don’t want to leave the house on a snowy day – I bought a stove on!! I’ve had my eye on this stove for a few months now and there was a sale, plus I went through ebates, plus I had an additional 10% off coupon. Oh and free delivery if I wasn’t in a rush (I’m not, our current stove gets the job done) so I ask you, how could I NOT buy a beautiful new stove? I swear it’s going to be my last major purchase for a long time. In the past month I’ve bought a new car, iPhone and now a stove. Time for me to settle down before my wallet starts being sad again!


It’s going to be fun cooking on a brand new stove though, it even has a bread proofing mode. And we all know how much I love baking bread! Just in case people don’t know how much I love to bake bread, the answer is: A lot, too much maybe. But there is something about the way the house feels and smells when there is a loaf of fresh bread or rolls rising and baking up. Plus bread is freaking delicious, even if it does do nothing but make me fat.


I’m really looking forward to the grown-ups getaway to beautiful (but cold) York, ME this coming weekend. It will be Sparky’s first road trip!! YAY!!!

One final thing, if you haven’t yet go watch the new netflix show Workin Moms. It’s (mostly) funny as hell in a deeply relatable way. I watched the whole season in 3 days – quick 21 minute episodes fit into my life nicely.

Till next time!

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