Weekends Away Are Important

Hi there, Catie here! Welcome to another not well planned out blog post, I have many talents but carefully laid out posts isn’t one of them. (Fine, I only have one and a half talents but work with me, k?)

Lena, Paul and I went to beautiful (but cold) York, Maine this past weekend and had a wonderful time doing absolutely nothing in a lovely location.

Cold Lighthouse
This was Saturday, before it snowed. 

I love doing nothing. We went out in search of food (if you’re ever in the area look for The Greenery Cafe & Bakery – yum!) the hot tub (duh, like I’m not getting in a hot tub) and a little bit of shopping (found a new comic book store!) and that was about it. Our hotel room became a little bubble of relaxation, in part because neither Lena nor Paul were feeling 100%. Sucked for them but it worked for me.  I would have loved a weekend of kinky sex and tons of activities too but I excel at relaxing and passing out meds.

Sunday morning, right after breakfast the snow started. We took my new car (Sparky) up to Maine because, well, because I wanted to see how I would do driving him a longish way on the highway (LOOOVE IT!) and he’s so fuel efficient. The whole trip only used 1/2 a tank of gas! There, back and all the driving around. Not as good as Lena’s all electric car (Shocker) but we weren’t sure if there were charging stations up that way (don’t worry we scouted and there is at least one) and I for one didn’t want to have to worry about it. Anyway, I hadn’t driven Sparky in the snow yet. I’ll admit to being more than a little nervous. I hate driving in the snow under the best of circumstances (like in my big, heavy all wheel drive Highlander) so I was pretty much terrified in front wheel drive, tiny, light Sparky. In retrospect it was fine, I drove like an old lady and only slipped (tiny slips) a couple times. Overall I’d give Sparky a solid B+ in the snow. With any luck though I won’t have to drive him in it again this year. Or next, because unless something changes,  I’ve committed to fixing up the Highlander and keeping it as the backup/winter driver. It’s still a good car and I do love it.

Hi, it’s Lena! One of these years, we’ll move away from new england and never have to deal with snow again… It’s a dream, anyway.

stupid snow

Coming home Sunday afternoon was rough. No surprise, right? We all know reality sucks. Princess puppy had to be picked up from the dog sitter, weekly grocery errands needed to be done, I had to meal prep for the week or my diet would be (more) ruined. Paul had to get ready for his new schedule (back to nights, ugh.)

I don’t think we’ve mentioned it, but yes, Paul started working split shifts on Monday, this week. Even though Paul worked solo for a looooong time, the guy who replaced him can’t handle it. He doesn’t have the same skills, and when things break, they stay broken until the next day. So the company asked if Paul would be willing to work second shift again. He compromised and is working until 10. 


We aren’t happy about it and he’s looking for another job. 

Late Sunday night I found out that my son’s father (should I have just said “baby daddy?” Nah, my “baby” is 22) might have cancer in his lymph nodes and had been in the hospital for the better part of a week. I’d rather not admit how much this news affected me. I don’t like to look backwards, people I leave in the past are there for good reasons. Yes, I try to be friendly and keep lines of communication open. Well sorta open, he can text and I’ll reply. I never reach out to him first, mostly because he’s a little…crazy? It’s complicated. Mostly all he ever did was ask for sex and/or nudes. Answer to both “Nope.” Or he’d want to rehash old fights, choices, etc. To which I’d answer “It’s in the past, who cares now?”  Anyway, deadly, deadly cancer has a way of rattling you a little. What would losing his father in his early 20’s mean for Ri? What does losing a guy that I spent most of my teens and almost all of my 20’s with mean for me? And lets not forget the fact that we were good friends as little kids too. This is someone I’ve known since pretty much forever. I don’t feel like we’re old enough to be losing peers. But does anyone ever feel that way regardless of age? Probably not. Either way I had a bit of a tailspin and the ever perceptive Paul noticed. He and Lena were wonderfully supportive but I think that may have made me feel worse. After all why should I care about the ex when what we have is pretty close to perfect? A few days later and I’m still sort of wrestling with this one. I’ve talked to the ex every day this week, just brief updates (and one denied nude request) so things are slightly more civil between us? And if they are is that a good thing? I’m thinking no. But these are problems for another day.

Dealing with “the ex” is difficult in the best of circumstances. For a long time, I was very jealous of their relationship, and it took some deep thinking and processing for me to put things into perspective. Eventually, I came to the realization that actions speak loudly. She was here with us. So, I let it go. 

Ri’s father will always be a part of the package that is Catie. It is what it is. And as much as she’d like to distance herself from him by giving him the label of “Ri’s father,” (instead of “MY ex,”) he was a part of her world for more than half of her life. Yes, they went their separate ways, but for a long time, they were happy together. Those moments leave a mark on a person’s soul. Of course, she’s going to feel his pain, not to mention his connection to her son, who is her world. So, yes, Paul and I will do our best to help. 

Unrelated, while we were in York we stopped in at a little store that carries nothing but fancy toiletries and I found this soap:

the soap

If my ideal man had a smell, this would be it. Yes, I did buy some and I did talk Paul (who generally doesn’t like things like this) into using it. Now I want to eat him every time he showers – which isn’t a bad thing.   😉

It does smell yummy! In a sexy-man kinda way.    😀

Till next time!


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