Sunshine and Rainbows – Only Sometimes It’s Not.

Hi there, Catie here! How’s everyone doing out in internet land? We’re mostly good. I’ll be honest it’s been a mixed bag for me over the past couple weeks.


Good News First:  Mr. Paul got a new job!!!!!


Yessss!!!! We all knew it wouldn’t take him long to find a new job once he started looking seriously, right?  His current employer hasn’t been treating anyone well and it seems like he comes home more frustrated every day so you can imagine how much he’s looking forward to starting this new job. We’re all looking forward to it. He’ll be back on day shift (his working nights throws our whole rhythm off) and happier in his work, which in turn will make him happier in general. We really like happy around here.

I think this new company will be a good fit and the position is something he’s interested in. The one downside is that overtime is something this company relies on a lot to meet deadlines, they were very upfront about it and compensate people well for working it. So we’re expecting some 10 hour days and Saturdays without him. We’ve been forewarned and as long as he’s happy, we’re happy.  And if he’s not happy, I’m positive that he’ll find something better very quickly.

He’s good at finding new jobs.






In other news my car (Sparky) started acting up for no apparent reason. He was sluggish in 1st-3rd gears and there was an engine knock that wasn’t there when I bought him. The Check Engine light would come on but then be off the next time I drove it. So I did what I thought would be the logical thing and took it to a mechanic. When I brought it in the light was off so Mechanic sent me away with a: “Bring it back when the light is on so I can test it and have a direction to look in. I don’t want to have to charge you for running a diagnostic that will come up empty.”  Sigh. He’s a good guy, most mechanics would happily take that kind of “easy” money. His equipment needs the check engine light on to pull the error codes. He was honest. Frustrating for me, but I can’t really fault the guy for being honest. So I took Sparky home and decided to bring him directly to the mechanic the next time the light came on.

Now before anyone jumps all over me I’m well aware that Paul is a mechanic. But here’s the deal, he also has a lot of other stuff going on. Paul is a busy guy and the last thing I want is for him to think that I’m only around for his seemingly magical ability to fix anything you hand him. He had offered to look at Sparky but I didn’t want to add to his already full plate. We have a nice, honest mechanic right up the road and I don’t mind paying people to fix things for me.

Anywhoo, the light came on the following Saturday while Paul and I were out running errands and I immediately brought it back to the mechanic. “It’s on! It’s on!” I said. Mechanic said “Great, leave it there but I have a guy out so I’m probably not going to get to look at it until Tuesday.” Boooooo. But ok, just fix it. Tuesday comes and goes and I did not hear from Mechanic, internally I start panicking a bit. Did I buy a terrible car? Is it so bad that he’s afraid to tell me it will cost thousands of dollars to fix? Is it even worth fixing? (Why yes, I can jump to the worst possible conclusion in a single bound.) The reality was actually much worse. Mechanic called on Wednesday, when he went to run the diagnostic on the car the check engine light was FUCKING OFF AGAIN!! Seriously. The man probably thinks I’m insane or in love with him at this point. I keep coming back with a perfectly fine car. But he kindly says he’ll drive it home and back to work again the next day to see if the light will come on for him. I agree and he calls Thursday to say he feels what I mean about the car being sluggish (but not terribly so) and the engine light didn’t even blink so I should come pick it up. I give up. Maybe it’s all in my head and I’m expecting too much from a little 4 cylinder car.

Whatever, I’ll deal..

Paul and I picked up Sparky the following morning. We get home and Paul asks me pop the hood, he wants to check something. I pop the hood and go inside. Literally 3 minutes later Paul comes in and tells me that I’m down 2 quarts of oil. In a 4 quart system. This would cause sluggishness and the engine knocking sound and the Check Engine light. He put the oil needed in and told me to see what happens, I might have a leak or it could be burning it. Either way we’d know soon.

Five minutes, that’s all Paul needed to diagnose what was wrong with Sparky. FIVE MINUTES. Turns out the oil filter was broken and leaking (took him all of 10 minutes to figure that out) so yesterday (Saturday) he did a complete oil & filter change and now Sparky drives like a beast. Seriously, better than it did the day I bought it. And what did I learn from this? Just let Paul do it. That’s what I learned. Sigh.


The other thing I learned last week is that Paul and Lena’s oldest child and I will never really get along. Our personalities are just too different and it lead to a shouting match that still (a week later) makes my blood boil. I’ll admit to spending last Saturday night looking for apartments online. I’m keeping her at arms length and taking a very “not my monkey, not my circus” approach. She has parents, I’m not one of them.

This is not how I want to feel even some of the time.

Phew, bless you for reading this much! I’ll pass you over to Lena now for an update on her boy toy and life in general. I’m going to go attempt to make some gluten free blueberry muffins.

Hello world! Lena taking over for a quick note or two. First, the gluten free blueberry muffins were delicious! Second, having a boy toy is nice but I’m not cut out for that kind of stuff. I can’t just show up, fuck, and leave. I show up, we chat, we fuck, we chat some more, and then I leave. And then we text. And on occasion, we chat on the phone. Oh well.

Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of Poly Life…




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