Who Blogs Anymore?

Apparently not us.

Hi there, Catie here. Happy Sunday Night! Sorry about the long absence, work has been nuts for Lena and I. By the time I get home or the weekend comes around the last thing I feel like doing is blogging. Lena has been dealing with both our crazy work and a tight book deadline (girlfriend had a bunch of pre-orders for this last story, late wasn’t an option) so she just didn’t have time. Paul is happy to have us type out his thoughts but writing a whole post isn’t something he would do. Plus he also has a crazy new job that’s eating away at his Saturdays. On the bright side he really seems to enjoy what he’s doing now and they really seem to appreciate him. Win-win!


I hope everyone’s weekend was as fun and exciting as ours was. I had an exciting weekend at least. Guess what I learned how to do?? Guess!

I learned how to make Bagels! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I know, I know, only I get excited about these things. But really, I had a ton of fun making them, everyone says they were yummy and I can’t wait to make more. This weekend I made plain and Asiago but the options are endless really. Next week maybe I’ll make Onion and Everything. Or I could go sweet with Cinnamon or Blueberry. We’ll see what next week brings. Want to see some pictures? (Yes, I take pictures of the pretty food I make – deal with it.)


Hi, Lena here. I can confirm these bastards are delicious. (And yes, I still have wheat sensitivities, but they’re worth the pain. Yum!)

I also signed up for a sushi making class. I’ve really been wanting to learn more about cooking and I think I’ve gone as far as TV and the internet can take me. So, I started looking for classes and found a place that seems like a good fit for me. Professional chef’s teaching in a relaxed environment, but not an “interactive dinner party-like” experience. This is an actual educational session and I’m really looking forward to it. If I like it, I plan on signing up for several more of the classes they offer and maybe a bartending class too. I know how to pour a beer but that’s about all, why not learn more?

Lena again. The rest of us at home can’t wait! Yummmm!!

Ok, enough about my kitchen adventures. Spring finally showed up and blessed us with a beautiful, sunny day yesterday. So after the first batch of bagels were finished Ri and I took Princess on one of our favorite nature walks.

My new favorite picture. My baby is now a 22 year old man, how is that even possible?? I swear I just brought him home from the hospital a day or two ago…

Princess is mostly a lap/bed/couch dog but I think she enjoyed her short time in the “wild.”

After that Lena, Paul and I took off for an afternoon in the sun/dinner date. I’m one of those strange people that enjoys wandering graveyards and since I was driving, we ended up at one of my favorites. Juniper Hill. It’s an older burial ground but still active and I love every inch of it. It’s so peaceful, quiet and park-like with mature Willow and Fir Trees. People come to walk, with and without dogs, jog, visit their lost loved ones and if they are like me, they take tons of photos, read and enjoy time with their living loved ones.



I love this angel. The story goes that if you are in the cemetery after dark you’ll hear screaming coming from her corner of the graveyard. When you get there, you won’t find anyone in distress but her wings will be open. Some people think she looks creepy, but I think she’s beautiful.

Lena, butting in yet again. I also love graveyards. I love reading the names and dates, and then imagine how they lived. Some of them are so old, 1700s, and I love seeing the history. 

Paul and Lena don’t appear in any of these photos but I swear, they were there. After the graveyard, visit we went to a local state park to enjoy some water views and a quick walk. Then it was off to Newport for some sushi and a sunset drive. It was fun and I think we needed the few hours together to unwind a bit.

It was too beautiful a day to stay inside, so we decided on an impromptu road trip. I love that we live close enough to see ocean in about an hour’s drive. Beautiful scenery, yummy food, and perfect company. 

We all slept in (for us, these days) today, which was also much-needed. After that, I baked the second batch of bagels, then spent the rest of the day looking after a co-worker’s kiddo. I just glanced down at the clock and it’s 9:59 pm on Sunday. The weekend has gone poof and I am NOT even close to ready for the office tomorrow….sigh.

Have a good week everyone!




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