Happy Birthday Paul & A Weekend Get Away

ACHOOO!!!  Hi there, Catie here! If you’ve been anywhere near us you would have heard a lot of the phase “Bless you” lately. Mostly because Paul and I have both been sick. It hasn’t been fun, not even a little bit.

Yes I do look exactly like this when I sneeze.

And now that he and I are both feeling better, Lena and Bina seem to be getting it. As soon as they feel better I’m sure T will be next.


Gotta love it, right? Or not, that’s fine too.

On the brighter side, Saturday was Paul’s BIRTHDAY!!!! So Lena and I hatched a diabolical plan to take him away to The Cape on Friday night and keep him there for the weekend. That way we wouldn’t have to share him or his special day with anyone else (yes, we’re selfish.) The original plan was for a relaxing weekend away full of kinky sex and yummy food because who doesn’t love that over their birthday weekend? Sadly, the lousy friggin cold we had killed that idea pretty quickly, for me at least.


You see, my cold morphed into the worst sinus infection I’ve had in years and I ended up on antibiotics (which upset my tummy.) I’m also sort of a wimp when it comes to not being able to breath through my nose. If I can’t, I don’t sleep. After a few nights of little to no sleep, my head constantly hurting, congestion plus an upset stomach the last thing I felt like having was (any kind of) sex. I really just wanted to lay like a lump in bed and Paul, kind soul that he is, was happy to lay there and do nothing with me – on his freaking birthday.

Happy Birthday

Luckily Lena was there to kick our my ass out of bed and out into the world. Where we ended up having a very nice day. First we went to a the Pirate Museum, which was awesome. Then we went to the mall and wandered around, finding a couple small presents for Paul along the way. After we left the mall, we ran into a used tool store. Everyone knows that tools are some of Paul’s favorite things, so he stopped in there and grabbed a few things. We rounded out the evening with a trip to an adorable little graveyard (Lena and I love wandering and photographing them) a sushi dinner (so good) and delicious ice cream! Luckily, by the time we got back to the room I was feeling up to a little “fun” (thank you antibiotics.)

Hi, it’s Lena.


That is all….

Um, yeah and if my cold is any indication, she’ll be worse tomorrow. Sigh. Anyway, I was feeling much better this morning so Paul finally got a birthday blowjob. It was a day late but I think he enjoyed it anyway. Then we made the trek home and it was quickly back to reality. I needed to get the weekly baking done and I had a ton of laundry. Plus we had grocery and household shopping to do. And Paul always has work to do on a car. Oh well, here’s to another work week.


Weekend, it’s been fun. We’ll leave all of you with a few adorable graveyard photos from this weekend.

Love ya!



I was born on someone’s death date!




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