Out of State Puppy Sitting

Three dogs (and a cat) are a lot of work!

Hi There, Catie here reporting in from lovely Raleigh, NC! I thought four cats and a dog was rough but after  a couple days with my beautiful sister’s pack o’pets I won’t complain. Not that I’m complaining now, these puppies are adorable but a lot of work.

The cat is cute too but very, very shy and I don’t think i’ll be able to snap a photo before I post this blog.

Lena and I flew down to Raleigh a couple days ago to house/pet sit for my sister. The original plan was for me to come by myself but a week away from home in a (relatively) quiet place would give Lena time to finish a couple writing projects, so she took a week off work (I’ll be working remotely from here) and came along. We’ll be here for just over a week which is the longest I’ve been away from Paul for…8 years? Wow. I miss the guy, sort of a lot, mostly at night.  I also feel sorta bad that we ditched him with all the home-related stuff for so long. Not that he’ll have any trouble, Paul is sorta like Marge.


But still, I feel bad. Not that I’m expecting to have a party filled week with work and pet care but Lena is here and Paul is on his own with the girls so I feel guilty anyway.

Anyway, what else has been going on with us? I took a cooking class, a real one, where I learned how to butcher, scale, skin and cook fish and make fresh pasta. I don’t like to eat fish but I loved getting my hands on it and loved the class. I can’t wait to take another, I’ll have to check the schedule when we get back and pick my next class.




What else has been going on….I’ve applied for like a million jobs because I need a new one – only luck I’ve had is from Amazon in their warehouse. Which is probably a crap job, definitely a pay cut but looking better and better every day. The bright side is that it’s an active job, after 20 years of sitting at a desk all day it would be incredibly good to be moving all day. At least I think I would be. If I ever do freak the hell out and quit my job I’ll be sure to tell everyone here first.

Me. Every. Single. Monday.  – Shaking due to stress, not coffee.

Anyway I’m going to pass this over the Lena to add her bit and go reorganize my sister’s pantry – honestly everything is everywhere in there.

Lena here: And she is crazy enough to redo someone else’s pantry. Though I’m tempted to tell her to stay out of someone else’s kitchen, it’s her sister, so… ***shrug***

So far today, I’ve sat on the living room couch with a box of tissues and the TV remote. Not sure if it’s allergies or a cold, but my nose keeps running and I keep sneezing, not to mention a scratchy/achy throat. Either way, it’s not the best beginning of a vacation, but I’ll survive. Also, I will get some words down before we head back home. This is really the perfect environment for it, and to not-write while here would be a waste.

This place is very, very quiet. The best part is their screened in deck. That’s where I plan on staying for most of our time down here, especially in the morning or at night, when it’s cool. The house is big, bright, and beautiful, and more importantly, lived in. There are some pristine spots, where everything is where it should be, but mostly, there’s a warm feel to the place, the kind where families truly live. As much as I appreciate the coolness of a show property (aka staged), there’s nothing like the comfort of a homeThe animals help with that, too. They’re adorable. Yes, they’ll be work (mostly for Catie who’ll be passing out meds) but how can you not love those big brown eyes?!

And thinking of cold houses versus warm homes, I’m planning out my next story. It’s going to be more complex than my previous ones, with some emotional torture for my characters and a horrible person to despise. After all, the best stories have a fantastic villain to hate. Wish me luck!


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