We Are Busy Miss Lizzies…Too Busy For Blogs

Hi there, Catie here! Fair warning, this post is probably going to be a bit of a bummer.

Lots going on since we last posted. Some good, some very sad but that’s life.

So, the bad news first: Biggles cat died at the ripe old age of 21 and now we miss him being constantly underfoot. None of us were surprised, he had been fading slowly for months but you somehow never expect them to actually go.

Biggles is the guy on the right. We miss you fluff ball  😦

Now, on to better news because that whole losing a loved one thing (and pets are loved ones) sucks big time.

Lena and I flew down to NC to house and dog sit for one of my sisters while she and her family went on vacation. It was a lovely, but hot, time. I worked from home most of the time and Lena wrote. We did a little exploring (found 2 bookstores!) and I got to spend some time with my nephews (who I hadn’t seen in around 5 years, I’m a terrible aunt.) On the bright side, while looking for flights to NC I discovered Front.ier Airlines. Super cheap flights so I have no excuses to wait so long to visit again.


The timing of this visit wasn’t great work wise, our company recently unleashed a new “improved” system on us and it’s wreaking havoc. Basically none of the things we were promised were included and everything takes 3 times as long to accomplish. It’s painful and you see a lot of normally calm co-workers doing this:


But since a shit ton of time and money have been spent on this lemon we’re all just going to have to shut up and deal. Or find new jobs. I’m desperately seeking a new job at this point, applying to around 4 at day at one point with no luck so far. I’m going to keep trying though, what else can I do? Eventually something will come along and I’ll be saying:


On the bright side, Paul is still very happy with his new job. Which makes him happy at home, which makes the rest of us happy too.

Other than all this it’s been same old, same old around here for the most part.

Until next time..





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