I’m Writing, I’m Writing

Sorry guys, there has just been a lot of “nothing” going on here.

Hi there, Catie here!

So much nothing going on that I find myself too tired to write at the end of the week, er, month? I have the best plans to do a five on Friday post but then Friday night rolls around and I’m just brain dead. So here we are, Tuesday night. What’s been going on with us? Lets see…


Work has been crazy and by the end of the day Lena and I are just… fried? It’s been months of heavy volume, new (not great) systems, reduced staff and general chaos. Add the general stress of our home life (remember poly is NOT always sunshine and roses) and I’ve been feeling very “done” lately. So you can imagine how much I’m looking forward to going on vacation next week. Ri, T and I are going to pack up and head north for a week in the white mountains. Everyone cross your fingers for nice weather, lots of peace and quiet, a trip to a water park and lots of walks along the Kanc. And probably a ton of pizza, both T and Ri love pizza – a little too much.

This will be the answer every time I ask what they’d like for a meal.

If I didn’t make it clear enough above work is making me crazy and I really want to be away from it. So I decided that I wanted to go on a solo cruise this year because I really enjoyed the one Ri and I went on last year, even if it wasn’t his favorite vacation ever. I found one. But here’s the thing I learned about cruises, the cabin price for one is the same as it is for two. Which sucks but I was still going to go. I half jokingly asked Paul if he wanted to come along and much to my (happy) surprise he decided to come with me! Who saw that coming? Not me. But I’m glad he wants to come and I’m totally NOT counting down the days until we leave (76.) Wish us luck, I’m sorta terrified that Paul is going to be bored. But there really is a ton to do on the boat, I mean I was planning on a daily rotation of pool, hot tub, lounge chair with a book, buffet but I’m flexible.

What else…Oh!

I had a birthday last month and Paul and Lena decided that my inevitable march towards death was a great reason to buy the fancy-pants dishwasher I had looked at every time went to a home improvement store (at least once a weekend.) It has a 3rd row for big utensils, bottle cleaners (very convenient because as we all know I adore my contigo sports bottles but they are a bitch to clean), steam clean function, the ability to run just the top or the bottom rack if you only have 1/2 a load and a ton of other features. So far I love the bottle cleaner feature best. Closely followed by the steam feature that really gets caked on gunk off without prewashing. It wasn’t fun to put in but Super Paul managed it somehow and now we have a new stove, microwave, dishwasher and Kitchen Aid mixer (that I use all the time.) So aside from how it looks we have a very fancy kitchen. Paul replaced the toilet this weekend too (my fault, the old one made me freak out) so we also have a very fancy bathroom now. Don’t you just love how handy Paul is? I do.

This guy, cute, hardworking and handy! And yes, that is the fancy dishwasher.

I think you guys are pretty much caught up on what I’ve been up to lately. I’ll do my best to get back to weekly posts after vacation next week! But for now….





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