Catie’s Summer Vacation – Day One – AKA I’m An Idiot

Hi There, Catie here reporting in from a lovely Airbnb in beautiful New Hampshire with Orion and T.

I generally have a panic attack before we go on vacations but this one? A fun, relaxing trip with Ri and T in a place we’ve been to a bunch of times, no big deal. I threw all the toiletries we would need and some snacks into a reusable shopping bag early Saturday but  I didn’t even think about packing my clothes until late in the day yesterday. When I did, I forgot underwear and socks, thank goodness for Paul jokingly asking me if I had both in the hallway after I rolled my suitcase by him. to which I replied “OMG, I DO NOT, hehehehehehe!!!!” I had also forgotten bathing suits (did I mention we were planning on going to a water park one day and swimming in lower falls another?) So I grabbed my backpack and proceeded to throw socks, underwear, a couple swim suits, my tablet and this little laptop (and it’s charger) in it. Done, right? Right. No big deal.

Sunday morning we all went out to breakfast with my parents, at some point during breakfast it hit me that I didn’t pack contacts or a hairbrush. No big deal, I had to go home to pick up the luggage anyway. So while I was home I packed my lenses, glasses and hairbrush in my pocketbook along with some pens, my daily journal, some afrin (I’m an addict) and backup credit cards (just in case) then off T and I went to pick up Ri at my parents house. My parents kindly let us borrow their SUV for this trip to the mountains and I left them my cute little Sparky. After I moved all the big luggage into their car I thought it would be a good idea to show mom and dad how to work the (probably overly complicated) radio in Sparky. When dad was tired of me telling him about the 3 gajillion stations on Sirius and how they could hook up their phones with bluetooth. I jumped out of Sparky and into their car with Ri and T and off we went!! Yahooo, three hour drive north! It wasn’t until we made it into town and to the grocery store that I realized that I didn’t have my pocketbook. “No big deal” I thought, “I only had backup cards in there anyway.” I texted my mom quick to be sure that it was in Sparky and not lost on the highway somewhere (it was) and moved along with the rest of the afternoon. Which was great, pizza dinner, unpacking and a trip to a little park where there is a little stream you can swim in and frogs you can catch. Ri loves nature and immediately took his shoes off and started running around. He can’t wait to run around more in “real” woods later this week. T and I watched him run around and climbed a few rocks ourselves.


Then we got back to the room to unwind and I went to look for my Afrin…uh oh.


But it’s okay because I’ve been meaning to stop using it anyway. This will be like pulling off the bandaid, I’ll just have to deal – at least for tonight. *sniffle, snort*

Fast forward a couple hours. I think *yawn* I think I’ll take out my contacts and put my glasses on instead. Oh contacts and glasses are in my pocketbook…which is at my parents house…which is two states away.

Heaven help me I’m just not very bright.

Queue panic. I wear daily lenses that you are not supposed to sleep in. My mind immediately jumps to “Well, I’ll have to sleep in them tonight and then get Ri to drive all the way back home tomorrow for my pocketbook and I’ll drive back and, and, and – wait my backpack!” I know myself well enough to know that at some point I will need contacts and not have them. So I keep a couple pairs of backup contacts hidden in my backpack. I might not have to go home for a couple days anyway. So I go digging in my backpack and lo and behold – I have 5 pairs!!! Enough for the whole trip!! We don’t have to go home at all!! Woo!

Yes! Vacation Saved!!

But I’m thinking this is the last time I don’t panic over a trip. Clearly I need to worry to pack properly. Also, it’s midnight, I’m awake and completely sick of this stuffy nose nonsense so my first stop tomorrow is the drug store for some sweet, sweet afrin.

Wish me luck, who knows what I’ll discover is missing tomorrow.

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