Vacation Is Over…And The News Is Grim

Hi there, Catie here. Let me start with this: WTF is going on?

I know that we’re a country of morons that have decided the right to own guns is more important than our children but this weekend was too much even for us. I could go on but I think this pretty much sums up my feelings.


For the oficial record, I’m not anti-Second Amendment. I do think that responsible, sane adults who do not have a history of violence should be allowed a reasonable number of firearms (like 2) for target shooting (NOT THE STORES) and hunting (if that’s your thing and it helps feed your family.) But neither activity requires a military grade assault rifle. They just don’t. So lets ban those altogether, k?  The older I get the more I like my mom’s old idea: All the guns you want. The catch? The ammo is very hard to get, very expensive and only sold in extremely limited quantities. Hey, it could work.

I have mixed feelings about red flag laws, I see far too many opportunities for abuse in them. But I think I might be willing to let that go if they work in the states that currently have them. I don’t count suicide prevention (whole other issue) but if they work to prevent other gun violence, I say go for it on a national level.

Now on to a better topic: VACATION!

Ri, T and I ended up having a ton of fun in beautiful NH (even if i did suck at packing.) We saw an adorable (but slightly scary) young black bear casually crossing the road one day and a mama moose with her calf another. T and I spent a day at a water park and we did lots of little hikes in the woods and drove down the mountain in the dark during a crazy pop up thunderstorm (seriously, the rain came down so hard I couldn’t see 5 feet in front of us – scary.) T got super brave on this trip and I couldn’t have been prouder. She started climbing rocks with Ri, crossed a suspension bridge on foot and went swimming in a lake. These may seem like small things but remember T would spend all her days in the recliner watching youtube if she had her way. Getting her out of the house is a feat in itself sometimes. She’s terrified of getting hurt, heights and falling so she generally doesn’t engage with nature. Watching her come out of her shell and beating some of her fears (with reliable Ri for support and guidance) was fun. Watching her be proud of herself and enjoy what we were doing was fun for me, too. And she’s not even my kid. 

A few pics of the scenery we enjoyed last week:

Echo Lake


This water was so clear…


I love this shot of my goofball woodsmen, Ri.

As always, coming home was a bit of a letdown, getting back to the usual grind is never easy. Work has been busy and stressful for all of us to varying degrees. Paul, Lena and I have a romantic weekend away coming up in a few days that I should be looking forward to. It was my idea and I am the one that booked it but right now it just seems like another stressful thing to think about. Driving 3 hours at night for a 2 night stay at a lovely little inn seems silly right now. I’m sure I’ll feel differently when Friday rolls around. Especially since I think we could use the break to reconnect and unplug.

Until next time…

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