So It Turns Out I Only Take Pictures When the Kids Come on Trips

Weekends go by much too quickly. This is especially true when you get to go away.

Hi there, Catie here. Sorry for the long absence (again) life sneaks up on us and I forget to blog about it.  So what’s been going on…


A couple weeks ago Lena, Paul and I had a parents weekend away in beautiful Proctorsville, VT. Getting there was a bit of an adventure (lets go with adventure and not “trip through towns meth destroyed”) but once we were there we had a really nice time. The weather was great, the towns were cute, we met some nice people, enjoyed the hot tub, had some fun “adult time”, shopped and ate some really good food (go to Mr. Darcy’s for dinner if you’re ever in Ludlow, VT – Yum!)

As I’m typing this I’m looking for pictures of our trip but it seems like I only take 300 pictures if I’m away with the kids. Here are the three I took while we were in Ludlow.



The best part of this trip for me was finding out that there is a King Arthur’s Flour Baking School and store. We went on the way home and I’m pretty sure I found my new happy place. So many flours, so many cooking tools, amazing teaching space. I can’t wait to enroll in my first course with them. Finding the time to go will be tricky, I probably won’t be able to go until early next year but I’m determined to make it happen. I came home inspired to try to make homemade croissants for the first time. It’s a two day process so I had to wait until I had a chunk of time on a weekend to focus on them. I think they came out really well considering it was my first try. Eight of them will filled with ham and cheese the rest are just standard croissants. They were baked on Sunday are almost all gone now (Tuesday) so I’m going with they were pretty good.

Batch 1 – A little overdone, but tasty
Batch 2, Perfect. Well nearly, I need to work on uniformity, the spirals were made from dough scraps. Cute and yummy.

Paul, Helena and the girls will be leaving for a quick weekend away Friday while I stay home and hangout with Ri and the pets. I’m sort of looking forward to the quiet and all the baking I’m going to be doing.

Until next time 🙂

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