It’s Sunday?

How Is It SUNDAY already??

god i miss this man.

I feel like it was just Friday morning. But I also feel like I’ve been awake since Friday, mostly because I’ve been awake since 5 this morning. On a Sunday. Why? Who knows, one minute I was sleeping between my two favorite people and the next I was wide awake and fidgety (so about to wake up my two favorite people.) So I got up started the coffee and threw the overnight bread I started yesterday in the oven along with a potato and sausage oven bake. When Paul and Lena got up I made some eggs and BAM! Breakfast.


I got to do a bunch of cooking over the weekend and loved every minute of it but now the weekend is over and I’m writing a quick blog to let everyone know we’re still alive, well and happy.  Lena is off at her friends house for the next few days to finish up a book, Paul is busily working on my Highlander (which I officially registered in this state) so I can get it inspected and have a car with all wheel drive on the road before winter. I have no idea why I woke up one beautiful summer day and said “I need to get the Highlander on the road again before winter” but I like to follow my gut on these things. With any luck it won’t end up being too expensive to fix and it will be on the road at least part time very soon. Paul and I drove it around a little bit today (after he put new brakes on it) and it feels just like an SUV that wasn’t sitting unused for around 8 months. As much as I love Sparky, I am looking forward to having Highlander available to us again. There have been a couple moments that it would have come in handy.

In other news I dusted off my old personal blog so I can write erotica (badly) for fun. mostly because I think we’re pretty dull overall. But apparently we’re the only ones. Paul and I went to a cookout at his sister’s house and met one of her friends. A really nice guy named Dan that was completely confused by Paul referring to his wife being home while sorta making out with me. We spent about a half hour explaining what polyamory is and how it works for us. I have to say, this was the first time in quite a while that we’ve needed to explain anything. He was genuinely interested and asked good questions. We answered the best we could with lots of “But this is how polya works for US, everyone is different” caveats. It was nice to talk about openly.

But now it’s all of 9:30 at night so I think I’m going to go curl up in bed with Paul and take a nap for as many hours as I can.

Until next time, kisses!!






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