This Blog Is Brought To You By Boredom

How is it possible to be bored but busy?

Hi there, Catie here, reporting in from lovely (but holy hell hot) North Carolina. Leg one of “all-the-travel-in-two-weeks-a-thon” is coming to an end. It’s been a long weekend filled with puppies, trips to target, carbs (and assorted other terrible foods), a heatwave and boredom. I’ve been spending way too much time watching Netflix and baking. Oh and carrying dogs up and down stairs.

I have no idea how my sister does it. Two of her three dogs aren’t healthy enough to walk up or down stairs. One is ancient (17) with very little control over her legs. And other is a senior Jack Russell mix with terrible lungs. So every time one of them needs to go potty they need to be picked up and carried down (and then up) a flight of stairs. The third dog is a sweet (but big) three year old that loves tug and snuggles, hates walks and loud noises and needs a lot of love and attention. But they are worth it. I mean look at these faces.

As for baking, I blame my innate love of it and The Great British Baking Show. So far I’ve filled my sisters freezer with bagels, chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls (all from scratch.) Tomorrow I plan on making them a couple loaves of rustic bread to pull out as needed.


It’s pretty lonely here without Lena and Paul. We’ve facetimed every day though so I don’t feel too disconnected. As much as I am loving having the mini-break away from everyone and the (happy) chaos of home, I have to admit that I’m bored out of my mind and a little bit lonely. My sister and I had hoped to spend more time together before she and her family had to leave but scheduling just didn’t work this time. Which sorta sucks because who else will want to go see the Downton Abbey Movie with me? Oh well, flights are cheap, maybe I’ll pop down again after Paul and I get back from the cruise.

I’ll be working remotely all day tomorrow (better than bored, right?) Then heading home very early Tuesday morning. Its late now so I should be heading upstairs to enjoy one of my last nights of sleeping alone. I have to say, I’ve enjoyed that part of the trip.

Up next, 5 days of work and then…CRUISE!!

Until next time!


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