Sniffle, Sneeze, Cough, Hack, Wheeze, Ah-Choo

Hi there, Catie (with a cold) here.

We’re finally settled in after three weeks of almost non-stop running around. So lets see what’s been going on since I last posted….

Paul and I went on a cruise (Paul’s first) and had a great time. Lots of yummy food, trivia, bingo, sex, sun, pretty views and walking! I forgot how much you end up walking on that boat, we were averaging around 14,000 steps a day, almost triple my usual daily average.  Which is incredibly sad, I know.  Look how pretty the water is:

No land in sight and I’m ok with that. 
Don’t you want to jump in?
If I could I would eat lunch with this view every day.

After many rounds of playing Trivia on the ship Paul finally won a prize, the much coveted Piece of Ship. Turns out we know a lot about Halloween (who knew.)

Believe it or not a drunk guy offered us $20 for it.

I learned a lot about Paul on this trip, like he really, really does not like being outside in the heat and sun (did I mention that I love being out in the sun?) Also, he’s not good at being bored (one of the primary things you do on a cruise is nothing.) He’s also really good at finding indoor activities (your minds should be half in and half out of the gutter right now.) And that I really do like to spend time with him whatever we’re doing. I plan on booking another cruise ASAP.

The morning after we got home from the cruise we loaded up the “kids” (17, 20 & 22) for a long weekend of family time on Cape Cod. Where Orion and Bina lovingly shared their cold with me (hence the title of this post.) We had a great time relaxing (and recovering) as a family. We even decorated Halloween cookies.

Cute, right??

It was so much fun that I think we should do it again…as soon as the stars all align and the “kids” all have the same days off as we do. Sigh.

Anyway it took me forever to post this, I actually started writing it 2 weeks ago but with work and being sick adding pictures and hitting post fell off the radar.

The next post about the rest of our fun all activities will be coming up really soon!!!

Love ya!


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