We Went Away! And I Am On Vacation!!

Hi there, Catie here! Writing from beautiful Falmouth, MA.

So, here’s what happened. The first week of the New Year, I thought I was going to lose my shit at work, so I asked for this week off. Including MLK Jr. day, that’s 10 fantastic days off in a row.  TEN. What to do with 10 days off? At first I seriously considered going on a solo cruise, perfect timing, great price, free flight (because miles) but at the end of the day, I’d feel too bad leaving everyone behind and taking off for a week. Silly, I know.

UHH Why do I care so much about them??

But I did want to go away, at least for a couple days – just the three of us. I found a great deal on for a hotel we’ve stayed in before (and loved) so I booked it – without really even consulting Paul and Lena. Luckily, Paul could get Saturday off with only like 3 days notice and Lena didn’t have anything (except writing, which she can do anywhere, but especially pretty places) planned. After work on Friday, we packed up my little Sparky, said goodbye to the kiddos, and took off for The Cape!

Beep Beep! Zoom!

We got here a little after 9pm so didn’t do much more than bring our stuff in and flop. The room was even better than I remembered with a full kitchen, AMAZING water views, we MUST stay here again – maybe even with the kids. Although, Lena is FaceTiming the girls now and they are being loud so… maybe not.

Anyway, we woke up this morning (just as the sun was coming up) to absolutely gorgeous weather. It was in the 60s (so not January weather, I know I should be worried about the state of the planet but instead I’m going to enjoy the warmth.) The only downside was the wind, we were almost blown away! It’s still going strong out there. I love the way the waves sound crashing into the sand though, so again, looking on the bright side.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


What else did we do… let’s see, we have a Jaccuzzi in the bedroom and a king sized bed so a threesome was in order (hello, new favorite vibrator, kylo.) Paul and I went for round two later on while Lena was writing. Don’t worry, we kept the volume down so she could focus. Then we hung out together and played cards and now we’re snuggling in bed watching TV.

Sadly we have to leave tomorrow and go back to being grownups.


But at least I don’t have to go to work again until the 21st?

That’s all for now. I hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend!



PS – if anyone is interested the kickstarter Lena and her co-writer put together is still open, see previous post for links.

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