We Didn’t Go Away This Weekend

Hi there, Catie here!

Sad to report that we didn’t go away again this weekend. As much as I had wanted to, scheduling and the weather just didn’t cooperate.

We stayed home and shoveled snow

Hi, Lena here. Didn’t I say last year was going to be the last year I dealt with snow?? Okay. This year, for sure.

I had a fairly productive vacation week. I spent the first couple days hanging out with my mom and her two new rescue parrots:  Flitwick and Riley.

Flitwick is on the left, he’s an older Ringneck that the shelter swore, based on his behavior and physical state, was on the brink of death. Mom and dad agreed to take him in as a hospice case, so he would have lots of attention and a loving warm home for his final days. Now that he is in a loving home though, his feathers are growing back, he has a good appetite, craves attention and is talking and causing all kinds of birdy trouble. So far he’s saying “Hi!” “Hello!” what sounds like “I love you” and whistles like someone calling a dog. This is proof of just how much love and attention parrots need. They literally start dying without it.

Riley is on the right, he’s a Jenday Conure and completely adorable. Much to my mom’s chagrin he seems to want to hang out with men (namely my dad and son) more than her. He’s quickly learning to say “Hi, Bob!” and rings his bell whenever he wants attention. In his previous home, he was never held or let out of his cage so now these ideas are completely foreign to him. My mom (and I guess my dad & Ri too) are working on getting him to not be terrified of hands and maybe (eventually) stepping up onto someone’s finger and coming out of the cage. Even if he’s never cuddly, he’s completely adorable. He loves early Beatles and will happily dance and “shout” to “Twist & Shout.”

All I can say after spending some time with these two is this: I could never own a bird. I barely have the patience for the cats and dog we have and, compared to birds, they are low maintenance. I can see why people with LOTS of time on their hands enjoy them. They are entertaining and cute but so. much. work!

Lena again… Does this mean we should get another cat??

The rest of the week was taken up with running errands, cleaning out and reorganizing the whole kitchen (turns out it only looked like we had food. Once everything was reorganized, the cupboards, fridge and freezer were bare), cooking, watching junk TV, daydreaming about going away again, doctors appointments, and generally relaxing. Oh and applying for jobs and reading a medical terminology book. If I can get through the book I might take a whole class. Although, I suck at “school,” so we’ll see.


Wait! Don’t change the subject. What about the new cat??

The past 10 days have gone by much too quickly and I’m not looking forward to getting my ass back in gear. But since I need to, I’m going to go prep my low carb breakfasts and lunches for the week, pack a gym back for water aerobics tonight, and maybe weep into a pillow for a while.


Okay, okay. I’ll take the hint. No new cat. 

For now… muahahaha!

Until next time.

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