Who Wants To Go On Vacation?!?

I do! I do! Hi there, Catie here!

I’m sure everyone answered the vacation question the same way I did. And yes, I know we just went away a few weeks ago. But I want to go again – soon and maybe solo. Not gonna lie, this past week has been rough and frustrating at work and I might need a break from everything and everyone.

Space is good for me, I forget that sometimes.

Anywho, I opened up Yahoo today to look for some mindless juicy stupid celebrity gossip and instead found an article about triads. Wtf? Poly goes mainstream? I was expecting it to be a bunch of “why more than 2 is bad” but it was oddly positive. Not perfect but I’m glad it wasn’t portraying us triad people in a terrible light. Read for yourself here: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/triad-relationship-rules-engagement-220000990.html

Until next time, kisses!!

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