Every Day Is Exactly The Same (A Post In Which Catie Rants – A Lot)

Hi There, Catie Here!

How are all of you handling lockdown, quarantine, stay-at-home? I’m about like this:


Don’t get me wrong, I love our home.  I just don’t enjoy being either at home or at work all the time.

Before anyone starts in on me, yes I know how very lucky I am. I live in a beautiful, safe home with people (and pets) that I love very much. I’m also very, very lucky to still be working, as are Lena and Paul. We’re all “essential.” I work in lending now and if you watch the news at all you’ll guess that we’re extremely busy for all the wrong reasons. So while I’m very worried about the state of the economy in general,  I’m extremely thankful that all three of us are working. As are my son, my “retired” dad, and Bina.  And to boot, we’re all healthy as horses. WE ARE VERY LUCKY AND I AM FULLY AWARE OF THAT FACT.

Now for the angry part of the post:

None of the truly wonderful things listed above changes the fact that I miss leaving the house in general. I really miss leaving the house without a mask. I hate having my face covered, it feels like I’m being suffocated. Plus, I really don’t think cloth masks are doing anything except maybe getting the wearer sick. Lets face it, no one is going home and washing the mask. Most people just leave them in the car for the next time they go out. Peek into a couple cars if you don’t believe me, they are usually hanging on the rear view mirror. If cloth masks were really useful the CDC would have advised everyone to wear one from the start. Instead they advised against it. Until panic started, then I’m guessing a placebo was better than nothing. I think that’s why the European CDC is still actually recommending people not use face masks and instead focus on social distancing and basic cleanliness (question #5 under the Prevention section.)

Then there are the disposable masks. I don’t know about where you live but around here it seems like everyone with access to disposable masks just tosses them on the ground on their way out of the store along with their gloves, so many gloves. Makes perfect sense in the middle of a pandemic to litter with germ-filled items. I mean thats totally safe and what perfectly normal people do, right? It’s not like garbage cans exist. Why aren’t the police stalking these places and ticketing people? Towns and Cities would make a mint!


Can you tell I’m a little frustrated?

And this was before the leader of the free world suggested people inject household disinfectant like Lysol or bleach or use UV light to cure themselves. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? AND THEN WE STARTED SEEING REPORTS THAT PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO INGEST HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS. (I mean it when I say don’t help these people. Let the stupid die off so the rest of us have half a chance.) 


For the love of all that’s holy (not much, I know) please do not listen to the clowns running this shit show. We are so, so screwed as a nation. I haven’t even touched on the fact that there will be no adequate education available to any public school children for the foreseeable future (another Conservative wet dream come true), the state of the economy in general (forced shut downs are bad for people that work for a living, who knew?) or the peril this is putting the November Election in (if we can’t leave the house, how can we vote?) Not to mention that by closing everything and cutting people off from one another isn’t good for anyone’s mental health. I have no idea how the parents of young children are functioning right now. When Orion was young we left the house all. the. time. Playgrounds, zoos, museums, parks, nature trails, libraries. He grew up in these places and we loved exploring together – and taking short breaks from each other. He learned, played, enjoyed the company of new kids from all sorts of back-rounds (that he’d probably never see again) for a few hours. I can’t imagine how much or how badly this situation would have affected our mental health. We’ve spent years telling parents that it takes a village to raise a family and now we’ve cut them off from all support – even if that support is just 5 minutes alone on a bench at a playground.


Hey guys, it’s Lena. Catie asked me to finish this post with something lighthearted. Unfortunately, I don’t have much. As someone who’s been diagnosed with ADHD and depression in the “normal” world, I’m not okay. I check covid statistics once a day, and then I cut myself off. Netflix has been a lifesaver. I’ve watched hours and hours. (If you enjoy learning about sociology, I highly recommend 100 Humans. Loved. It! It’s not a science class. It’s just enough to science to pique your interest.) I’ve also painted and written. If I had any musical talent, I would’ve done that, too. The worst part about this is food. I keep eating, and eating, and eating. And I’m not talking about broccoli and asparagus. 


I know, it’s “first world problems.” We are very blessed and we know it. 

Please stay safe. Hugs…





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