The Runaway Trio

As many of you are feeling, we were also going stir crazy. Catie and I, especially, love getaways. It doesn’t have to be far, just–away. But with COVID, vacation plans seem to be a thing of the past, and we were feeling trapped. (insert ugly crying here) Fortunately for us, Massachusetts is opening up again. Including hotels. So, we looked online, found a place on the Cape, and off we went.

Hi there, Catie here! This really is a much needed trip, Paul was happy that we found a place too. Our relationship is always better after some time away from the day to day grind. and The Cape is just far enough away from home to really be “away.” Paul and I used the 90-ish minute drive down to vent about work (a lot and loudly) but Lena put a kibosh on any more work discussions once we were officially on the Cape.

Funny thing about COVID getaways: there are quite a number of limitations. No pool. No hot tub. Limits on restaurants and shopping. At one point, we went to the beach. Only to be surrounded by people. (YUCK!!) Ended up turning around and going back to the room.

So what did we end up doing?

Catie and I got our asses handed to us by Paul in several games of rummy. Some foul language was exchanged. (In a couple different languages, which I felt was unnecessary.)

In between rounds, Catie bought a new mattress. Because, why not? We really needed one. We’d been chatting about it for a while, but just never actually did it. Well, we officially did it. And by “we,” I mean Catie. From the dining area of the room. Via her cell phone. Technology rocks.

We’ve been talking about getting a new mattress for months but it seems like we’re never all in the same place for long enough to really discuss it. During a round that I was losing (again) seemed like the perfect time to talk about what we wanted, search for discounts and make a purchase. Done. Now we hope it’s exactly what we need for all of us to get a good nights sleep.

I’ve never bought a mattress online before so I’ll admit to being a little nervous about it. I’d love to hear some of your experiences with online mattress purchases! Good, bad, terrible? On second thought, don’t tell me if it’s terrible, I’m nervous about it enough.

Eventually, we went back out. Did some shopping. Then went back to the beach. And since it was drizzling, it was empty. Perfect. Catie took her sneaks off and braved the cold water. Paul and I ran away. I enjoyed watching the water, though. Paul took a couple of pictures on his phone. It was nice.

The water was only cold for a minute, I wish I’d brought a bathing suit. Next time for sure.

Not that cold

We ended the day by trying out a seafood restaurant we’ve never been to before – very yummy. And we played more rummy and laughed a whole bunch! I think we might have been a little over tired. LOL

I am not looking forward to returning to normal life. But Catie refuses to buy the winning lottery ticket, so we must.

Until next time, stay safe out there!


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