We Ran Away Again – And Got to Exhale

Hi there, Catie here! This post was written a couple weeks ago but we somehow forgot to post it.. anyway HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!

THANK THE GODS BIDEN/HARRIS WON. It was way too close and it took way too long to call but thank you PA, NV & GA. I think I exhaled for the first time in four and a half years today.

if I’m being honest, I chose the democratic ticket. it could have been satan/hitler and they would have had my vote – but I like Joe & Kamala well enough.

In addition to the craziness and stress the election brought, there’s been a ton going on with us (I’ll let Lena fill you in) so Paul and I decided that we needed to get away for a weekend at least (all the time away from work any of us could get.) Luckily our favorite place on Cape Cod had a sweet little studio apartment available so we snapped it up and took off right after work Friday (much to our Princess-pup’s dismay.) As everyone knows, it’s November and we live in New England, we’ve already had snow and it’s been COLD. I fully expected to stay inside the apartment all weekend, fucking and hiding from snow. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Saturday was nearly perfect, beautiful sunny skies and nearly 70 degrees. To the beach we went and it was fantastic. I mean, just look at this sunrise:

And how adorable are these two? And how lucky am I?

But back to the beach

We just watched the Biden/Harris victory speeches, very inspiring. I wish them luck. They are inheriting insanity and I have no idea how they’ll do but I can only assume it will be better than falling into the civil war the last administration was hoping for.

Hi guys, it’s Lena…

The slight craziness that Catie alluded to was me getting a second job. See, the job at the bank is pushing me over the edge of insanity. I mean, I’ve even daydreamed about how I’d go about murdering people and hiding the bodies. What kind of van to get, where to park, etc. Rather than committing murder, I decided to apply for a thousand jobs. Unfortunately, my cover letter/resume just don’t cut it because I got zero replies.

However… Ama.zon was looking for warehouse employees, and they don’t care about resumes. They just want someone with a pulse. Guess what, guys! I have a pulse! So, I got a part-time job, in a warehouse, moving boxes around. It’s physical, mindless, and absolutely perfect.

I won’t lie. I worried about the physical aspect of the job. After all, I’ve been a desk jockey for 20+ years. (When I told my brother I’d applied, he said, “You’ll be out in less than a month.”) That’s why I chose part time, four hour shifts, a few times a week. There’s no way I could go to a physical job for eight hours and not cry in some corner, somewhere.

I’ve been there three weeks and I want to go full time.

My body is singing from all the exercise, and my soul is light and bright because of no stupid questions and zero arguments. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I took this gamble.

Unfortunately, it’s a significant pay cut. And we could make the pay cut work, but health insurance is another matter. Paul’s health insurance sucks, so we carry mine. And I don’t know how the health insurance is at Ama.zon. From reading comments online, it’s don’t look promising, but I don’t know.

And I may not know for a while. Because, the last time I asked about going full time, (now that I know I can handle it,) they told me they didn’t have any full-time positions open at the moment. So, the choice is out of my hands.

So for now, I’m working both, nights at Ama.zon, and days at the bank. I’m napping at lunch, going to sleep when everyone else is having dinner, and going to work when everyone else is sleeping. Oh well.

We just keep passing each other…

Ironically, working at Ama.zon has made the job at the bank slightly more tolerable. Mostly because there’s a light in sight. A light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a small light, wayyyyy far away, but at least it’s visible. It’s out there. I just need to be a little more patient.

And then, I’ll be free!

Stay safe out there!


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