Ever Try Giving A Dog an Epsom Salt Bath?

Hi there, Catie here! If you can avoid it, please do.

We’re not sure how but our sweet pup, Princess, hurt one of her front paws and it started to look infected to us (never good.)

Sure, she looks adorable…

After a short debate over who’s turn it was to take her, it was off to the vet with the two of us today. No pet likes going to the vet but Princess doesn’t just hate the vet, she also hates all other animals. Due to covid restrictions we had to wait in the car until we were called in. At first that was fine, she wasn’t quite sure why we were just sitting in the car but she was on my lap and generally happy. Then some silly stranger parked next to us and rolled down their window to let their dog smell the air – this was bad news and required her to do so much barking. I mean how dare they bring another dog close to her car?

If she could talk, it would have sounded like this…

On the way to our exam room she tried to murder a 12 week old Australian Sheep dog (who was adorable!!) that was fun, sorta. Once we were in the room she refused to cooperate with the vet tech so they let me break the “stay behind the blue line” rule to get her onto the scale/exam table. She did NOT want to be on that table. Then the vet came in. The exam started well enough, good news was she had lost a couple pounds (we spoil her with food) and looked to be in great health overall. She was due for a distemper shot so the vet gave her that quickly and then rolled her on to her back so she could get a good look at the paw. Princess was not at all happy with the shot or being rolled over so she projectile peed all over the vet. Luckily the vet had a great sense of humor (and extra lab coats, I guess?) The bad news, as we suspected, her paw was infected. The vet said that she couldn’t see an obvious cut or other injury (and we would have noticed if Princess had gotten a cut, she’s always on a lap) but it could have been something as small as a paper cut that the infection settled into. The vet prescribed a two week course of oral antibiotics (1 pill, twice a day) and we should to soak the infected paw in a warm epsom salt bath for at least 5 minutes once a day (but twice a day would be better) for the next couple weeks. Cool, right? That’s no big deal. Princess loves taking medicine and getting wet!

Princess hates pills & getting wet

The vet gave us her medicine and we were on our way. No big deal right? How hard can it be to get a little dog to take a pill? (I already know the answer to this, she’s needed antibiotics before.) And a little soak wasn’t like being walked in the rain or anything. Only her paw would be getting wet, not her whole body. It was going to be FINE! I stopped at the store and picked up some epson salts (so much salt, the smallest bag they had was like 7lbs) then we headed home. I tricked her into the kitchen by offering her a treat while opening the deli drawer but when she ran into the room I tackled her and shoved a pill down her throat. Then I gave her a piece of deli meat. I know this trick will only work once or twice, she’s a smart dog. Doesn’t matter, first dose was in!

I decided we both needed a break at that point so I went out to lunch with my mom. When I got back I prepped the first epsom salt bath. Lets just say… it went. Princess wanted nothing to do with getting her paw wet, and refused to keep still (she’s surprisingly strong and fast for a small, old, overweight dog.) Luckily I remembered to put a couple towels down so only the dog and I got completely soaked.

I looked a lot like this..only instead of a car a small, determined dog

Luckily I’m pretty determined and Princess ended up getting a good 5 minute soak in. Mission accomplished, good dog Princess! After dinner I tackled her and shoved the 2nd pill down her throat. So her care plan was completed for today.


Just 13 days to go….wish us luck



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