Time Really Does Fly

Hi there, Catie here! I feel like I just posted but I guess it’s been quite a while.

There really hasn’t been much going on here to write about lately. It really felt like spring was officially here last week, especially since 11 of the 12 or so pumpkin seeds I planted a month ago popped up all at once. I didn’t think they would actually grow, I have a notoriously black thumb. But I had told Bina and Ri that I would try to grow some this year (we love Halloween and hated that our annual pumpkin patch trip was cancelled due to Covid) so I tried. I did not expect them to actually grow. But there they are, happily growing on the kitchen window sill. I’ve already repotted them into bigger homes once and I think I’ll have to move them at least one more time before it will be safe to plant them outside. With any luck we’ll get one or two actual pumpkins.

Princess’s injured paw healed perfectly (even without as many epsom salt baths as she should have gotten.) Then she ended up getting super irritated skin in her little doggie armpits. She’s always had a skin issues but this was bad so it was back to the vet for more meds. She’s well on her well to being all better at this point and we have orders to keep the area cleaner and dry. We’ll be using medicated powder and later some cornstarch baby powder to help with keeping her little puppy armpits dry. The things we do for this dog…she’s not spoiled, I swear.

In people news, I have a couple fun appointments coming up this week. I’m scheduled to take the real estate salesperson license exam on Wednesday. I should be excited but I’m pretty sure I will not be passing this exam, plus I was super interested back in January but I’m far less interested now. It took almost 6 weeks for PSI to approve my application so I could schedule the exam. To be honest I’d almost forgotten I’d sent in the application. I finished the class work back in January and while I remember a lot of it I haven’t been able to pass one of the practice tests yet. I’m always off by like 25 points. So I’ve been taking the classes over again at night (thank goodness for on demand, prerecorded classes) but this time around I’m finding the subject matter dry and boring. So I’m going to give it my all but I’m not going to be overly upset if I don’t pass. At least that’s what I’m saying now. I’m sure I’ll be heartbroken and full of self loathing but I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it. In the mean time, I’m studying, I’m studying!

The other appointment is 1000% good: My 1st dose of Covid Vaccine!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! If all goes according to plan I’ll be fully vaccinated by May 22nd!!!

I am very lucky to work in a state that includes out of state workers in their vaccination plan. But next week our state will open to everyone so I will be stalking the vaxfinder website for our state appointments for Paul, Lena & Tara starting at the end of this week. My son is already on the list for a vaccine through his job so I have to worry a very tiny bit less about him…but trust me if I see a spot for him sooner than his employers date I will be grabbing it.

That’s about all the news that’s fit to print for spring so far. I’ll be sure to check in and let everyone know that I officially failed the Real Estate Test Thursday 🙂

Love ya,


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