The Cruise That Wasn’t – Or What We Didn’t Do On Our Winter Vacation

Is everyone else enjoying the six more weeks of winter? I'm not and I'm one of the lucky ones. I have heat and power (sorry Texas.) And Hi there, Catie here! The endless winter is getting annoying though. burr This week Paul, T, Orion & I were supposed to be on a cruise but thanks… Continue reading The Cruise That Wasn’t – Or What We Didn’t Do On Our Winter Vacation

We Ran Away Again – And Got to Exhale

Hi there, Catie here! This post was written a couple weeks ago but we somehow forgot to post it.. anyway HAPPY TURKEY DAY!! THANK THE GODS BIDEN/HARRIS WON. It was way too close and it took way too long to call but thank you PA, NV & GA. I think I exhaled for the first… Continue reading We Ran Away Again – And Got to Exhale

How much love can a heart hold?

Please let me begin by apologizing for the extra long post. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee, or other caffeinated beverage, to help you stay awake. Happy reading... Back in June of 2017, when Catie and I first started this blog, I wrote an entry, Love as a rainbow... where I tried to… Continue reading How much love can a heart hold?


Earlier this week, I had a dream that my BFF, we'll call her J, was getting married, and that Paul and I were also getting married. But J's BFF was very upset with me for intruding into her space and trying to steal her BFF. She was so angry, she grabbed my marriage license and… Continue reading Marriage…