How much love can a heart hold?

Please let me begin by apologizing for the extra long post. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee, or other caffeinated beverage, to help you stay awake. Happy reading... Back in June of 2017, when Catie and I first started this blog, I wrote an entry, Love as a rainbow... where I tried to… Continue reading How much love can a heart hold?

Monday Funnies – A collection of boyfriends

Short background. T, the youngest of our family, is a little quirky. She has autistic characteristics, but not enough to be called autistic.  She has ADHD characteristics, but not enough to be diagnosed with ADHD. She has this, that, and the other thing, but not enough for an official label. Whatever she is, she's high… Continue reading Monday Funnies – A collection of boyfriends

A Poly Reputation

It's funny what people think when they first find out you're in a poly relationship.I've never thought of myself as a sexual deviant. There are moments when I wish I had a more adventurous soul, but honestly? I like my comfort. Have I "done it" in the woods? Yes. Have I "done it" in a… Continue reading A Poly Reputation

Our first question!!

Ladies and gents, we have our first question! Someone was brave enough to type it and hit send. Many thanks J. The question (short version): How did you and Paul decide to have a non traditional relationship? Honestly, I've kinda been avoiding this one, simply because it started so long ago and I find it… Continue reading Our first question!!

All About the Sex? Part 2- Catie’s Perspective

Hi there, Catie here! Here to probably disappoint you. Or not, I don't know, keep reading to find out. I get two questions when I "come out" to people as poly the first is "How did you meet them?" and the second is really more of a statement "The sex must be constant and great, right?"… Continue reading All About the Sex? Part 2- Catie’s Perspective

Who are these people? Part Three

Hi there! Catie here!  I'm here to finish up the introductions, you can tell it's me because I didn't use any fancy French words in the title. We don't all write professionally some of us just like to blog because WORDS! All this writer talk is an excellent segway into introducing someone who is actually… Continue reading Who are these people? Part Three

It’s All About Sex! Lena’s perspective.

Admit it. This is the post you've been impatiently waiting for. 😉 We're not traditional in our relationship, so you know we're kinky in the bedroom. Whips, chains, handcuffs. Don't forget the orgies. 😜 Oh, yeah. How sexy is she? Can't you just bite her neck? Nibble gently, then trail sweet kisses lower... and lower...… Continue reading It’s All About Sex! Lena’s perspective.