Happy 2020!!

Good morning everybody, Twenty-twenty has officially arrived, and I don't know about you, but I was ready for this new year. So much happened last year, some good, some not-so-good, and though I can't say it was bad, I have plans for this one, I'm very excited to get them started. Beginning January 1st--yup, I'm… Continue reading Happy 2020!!

Oops Forgot to Write (Again) But We Did Fun Fall Stuff

Hi there, Catie here. It seems like all the energy and time I used to put into blog posting has been shifted to baking. I'm blaming the time of the year (cold, dark, rain, freezing rain, occasionally snowy) for my constant need for warmth and carbs.  My most recent experiment is this:   Who knows… Continue reading Oops Forgot to Write (Again) But We Did Fun Fall Stuff

Sniffle, Sneeze, Cough, Hack, Wheeze, Ah-Choo

Hi there, Catie (with a cold) here. We're finally settled in after three weeks of almost non-stop running around. So lets see what's been going on since I last posted.... Paul and I went on a cruise (Paul's first) and had a great time. Lots of yummy food, trivia, bingo, sex, sun, pretty views and… Continue reading Sniffle, Sneeze, Cough, Hack, Wheeze, Ah-Choo

This Blog Is Brought To You By Boredom

How is it possible to be bored but busy? Hi there, Catie here, reporting in from lovely (but holy hell hot) North Carolina. Leg one of "all-the-travel-in-two-weeks-a-thon" is coming to an end. It's been a long weekend filled with puppies, trips to target, carbs (and assorted other terrible foods), a heatwave and boredom. I've been… Continue reading This Blog Is Brought To You By Boredom

So It Turns Out I Only Take Pictures When the Kids Come on Trips

Weekends go by much too quickly. This is especially true when you get to go away. Hi there, Catie here. Sorry for the long absence (again) life sneaks up on us and I forget to blog about it.  So what's been going on... A couple weeks ago Lena, Paul and I had a parents weekend… Continue reading So It Turns Out I Only Take Pictures When the Kids Come on Trips