Ch-Ch-Ch Change

Turn and face some hard talks... Hi there, Catie here!  It's time for good news/bad news.  The good news first: I got a new job!!! After 22 years at one company (that was slowly sucking my soul away,) I'm leaving and I couldn't be happier.  Hello, Lena here. We are so, so happy for her!… Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch Change

Paul’s Birthday, The Get Away That Wasn’t & Five On Friday

Hi there, Catie here! Happy Friday folks! How was your week? Ours was good! First things first. Paul's birthday was this week!! Don't ask me how old he is because I'm not sure. He's an age and it's in numbers. That much I know. The original plan for his birthday was a trip to CT… Continue reading Paul’s Birthday, The Get Away That Wasn’t & Five On Friday

The Hunt

Dare I disagree with Mr. Gump's Mama? Dare I say that life isn't "like a box of chocolates," but is, instead, a roller-coaster ride? Because that's how I feel right now. No sooner is something resolved than something else breaks. There have been some recent developments that we haven't shared with you guys. Not because… Continue reading The Hunt