Oh, Those Are Fighting Words!

Would you like to get into a passionate discussion in this house? Here are some of the things you should mention: Biggles/Felix/Horace/Prix (pick one) is the best cat in the house. This will open up a whole conversation on who's the best. We all have our favorites, but Prix is, of course, the cutest, most… Continue reading Oh, Those Are Fighting Words!

“Plastic Wrap” Alternatives

At the risk of sounding like your sex-ed teacher from 8th grade, let's chat about condoms for a second. A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I didn't like them. And I still don't. BUT there's a reason for that. They dry me up. Think Sahara. That doesn't mean I don't stay safe. I… Continue reading “Plastic Wrap” Alternatives

Logistics – The Brilliance/Nightmare of Co-Parenting

If you have no kids, and have no intention of ever having them, this post may not interest you. Unless you want to know our background and how we handle things. I will admit, I'm not a good parent. My example was a bipolar/paranoid mother and an (occasionally) alcoholic father. My extended family wanted nothing… Continue reading Logistics – The Brilliance/Nightmare of Co-Parenting

Do you want it too?!

First, I should mention that Catie and I don't have letters after our names; no LPN, PhD, or MD. We are not what you would call "professionals." So everything we share is our personal experiences, thoughts, and opinions. Please consider this when you read our posts. Because this kind of life isn't for everyone. When… Continue reading Do you want it too?!

A Poly Reputation

It's funny what people think when they first find out you're in a poly relationship.I've never thought of myself as a sexual deviant. There are moments when I wish I had a more adventurous soul, but honestly? I like my comfort. Have I "done it" in the woods? Yes. Have I "done it" in a… Continue reading A Poly Reputation

A less-than-perfect world

So far, we've written about how well we work together, how wonderful our family is, how idealistic everything is. The truth is, it's not always sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. Just like any other family, we bicker, we tiff, we argue. Communication breaks down, someone gets a little loud, and someone else gets the silent treatment.… Continue reading A less-than-perfect world

To tell or not to tell, that is the question…

Catie and I are chatting about spreading the word on this blog via twitter. Her account is setup to automatically share new posts as they come out. Mine is not. "Why not?" you may ask. "Because..." Well, that isn't an answer. So I'm going to self analyze here. After all, we did say we were… Continue reading To tell or not to tell, that is the question…

Love as a rainbow…

   How much love can one heart hold?  Strange question, no? Certainly most individuals love their parents, their siblings. Okay, at least on some days. People love their extended family, right? Their close friends? Is there a max? Maybe just enough for a spouse? Maybe barely sufficient for children? Wait. Does the love a person… Continue reading Love as a rainbow…

It’s All About Sex! Lena’s perspective.

Admit it. This is the post you've been impatiently waiting for. 😉 We're not traditional in our relationship, so you know we're kinky in the bedroom. Whips, chains, handcuffs. Don't forget the orgies. 😜 Oh, yeah. How sexy is she? Can't you just bite her neck? Nibble gently, then trail sweet kisses lower... and lower...… Continue reading It’s All About Sex! Lena’s perspective.